Mapping out health care reform

How many have selected a plan via health insurance marketplaces? What decisions are states making around Medicaid expansion? View these maps to find out.


Health Insurance Exchanges

Health care reform

Discover how Deloitte can help health plans, health care providers, public sector agencies and other health care stakeholders navigate health insurance marketplaces.

The end of the 2014 open enrollment season for health insurance marketplaces (health insurance exchanges/HIX) represented a major milestone in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. For the first time, individuals could purchase health insurance through federally-facilitated or state-based marketplaces. What do stakeholders need to consider for the 2015 open enrollment for marketplace health coverage? How could private health insurance exchanges (PHIX) impact the insurance marketplace? What steps should health care providers, health plans and life sciences companies consider to win in a consumer-centric health care market? Tough questions remain, but Deloitte can help.

Young adults and health insurance: Not invincible — but perhaps convincible

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As the first open enrollment period drew to a close, Deloitte surveyed young adults – both those who did and did not enroll in coverage – for their views about health insurance.

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No time to slow down: Looking ahead to 2015 HIX open enrollment

On May 1, 2014, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released the summary report for the initial Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) open enrollment period. This infographic summarizes key enrollment numbers and demographics and highlights uncertainties the industry could face as stakeholders begin placing bets for the 2015 HIX open enrollment period and beyond.

The quest for value in health care: A place for consumers

Three key disrupters are driving an increasingly consumer-centric health care system. How are consumers responding? What are the implications for the industry? And what steps can health care providers, health plans and life sciences companies consider to help win in this new marketplace?

Download the infographic or read the full report.

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Health Insurance Exchanges

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