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Improving medication adherence

Increasing medication adherence is critical. Explore new ideas and insights for designing adherence-related patient interventions.
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Value-based care

Rewarding accountable, quality health care over quantity

Value-based payment models for health care have the potential to upend traditional patient care and business models. What can your organization do to effectively make the shift?

Winning the value-based care market shift

The market shift toward value-based care (VBC) presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the US health care system. The level of dollar investment in VBC is substantial and some health care organizations are actively preparing for the transition to VBC while others are hesitating. Their reluctance to shift to VBC is understandable: The level of financial investment is substantial and the current fee-for-service (FFS) payment structure is still highly profitable for some.

The shift has already begun in some markets, though, to build key capabilities. As other organizations plan their route to VBC, it is important to understand that there is no single, “right” payment model that fits all situations. Experience gained in markets where the shift to VBC is under way shows that the transition is much like a road trip—different routes and modes of transportation can get travelers to their destination. By implementing a holistic process and leveraging robust supporting data—much like following a GPS system—a health care organization can develop payment models that work for individual situations and populations.

The shift from volume to value: Are you ready?

Go deeper. Explore Deloitte's latest insights on value-based care

How we can help

Deloitte is guiding clients across all sectors of the industry and across all dimensions of the volume-to-value transformation–strategy, financial, clinical, operations, technology, and change management. Gaining a clear understanding of the changing health care environment and plotting a winning path forward is part of the challenge. Bringing the right experience, tools, and transformation leadership to carry out that strategy is the other part. As the world’s largest health care consulting team, we can see you all the way through, and help you successfully navigate the biggest hurdles:

  1. Proactively define your strategy. 
  2. Develop financial flexibility. 
  3. Control your own destiny. 
  4. Make the most of existing assets. 
  5. Fortify the physician-patient relationship. 
  6. Minimize transition risk. 

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Value-based Care

The health care industry, and indeed the entire country, has devoted five years to forging, understanding, and implementing the Affordable Care Act.

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