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Value-based care

Rewarding accountable, quality health care over quantity

Health systems and hospitals, health plans, governments and municipalities, employers, and consumers are looking for new and innovative approaches to historical challenges associated with quality, efficiency, care delivery and coordination, and cost effectiveness. As a result, the fee-for-service (FFS) model as we know it today may be headed for obsolescence. In its place, a new value-based care standard is starting to emerge.

The shift is happening

The market is signaling that the volume-based to value-based care market shift is starting to occur, and these shifts may manifest in several ways. For example, health care providers are participating in government-sponsored accountable care organizations (ACOs), taking on initiatives to drive clinical integration and population health across their practices, and partnering with health plans to manage performance risk.

This change affects everyone in the health care ecosystem. How is your organization preparing for this shift? What do you want your role—your identity— to be in the new world of care? Where do your capabilities intersect with those needed to put the value in value-based care?

Good for what ails us: The disruptive rise of value-based care

The health care industry is ripe for disruptive innovation as systemic challenges continue to face the industry and stakeholders demand increased value. Health care stakeholders will need to change traditional delivery and payment models or risk survival.

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The quest for value in health care: A place for consumers

Three key disrupters are driving an increasingly consumer-centric health care system. How are consumers responding? What are the implications for the industry? And what steps can health care providers, health plans and life sciences companies consider to help win in this new marketplace?

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