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Commercial Operations

Life Sciences

Life Sciences companies face a litany of challenges—shrinking pipelines, loss of exclusivity of existing assets, waning effectiveness of traditional commercial engines, and increased regulatory scrutiny—that are forcing them to rethink their traditional go-to-market approach.

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Deloitte offers a portfolio of Commercial Operations solutions that can help Life Sciences companies cost-effectively address:

  • Evolving customer landscape: Convergence, consolidation, and the shift from volume to value are changing the dynamics of the health plan and provider marketplace.
  • New value equation: Therapeutic area strategy and comparative effectiveness now play a leading role in formulary and prescription decisions.
  • Marketing 2.0: Customers demand more than products; they seek solutions that provide a range of pre- and post-prescription support.
  • New stakeholders: C-suite executives and provider formulary panels have a growing role in purchase decisions; new selling models likely will be required to engage these stakeholders.
  • New data sources: HIT and social media create an ever-growing set of customer data which can create valuable insights... or a lot of noise. Are they an opportunity or a distraction?

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