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The pressures of ever-looming patent cliffs and demands for less expensive drugs and medical devices are making product innovation an imperative for Life Sciences companies. While the rewards may be considerable, potential hurdles to Research & Development —among them, increased regulatory scrutiny, pricing issues, skyrocketing development costs, technological change, intellectual property threats, globalization, and fragmented markets--can stymie Life Sciences companies in their efforts to use disruptive innovation to maintain or grow market share.

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The professionals in Deloitte’s Life Sciences Research & Development practice understand the unique challenges that are confronting today’s Research & Development organizations. Whether it’s an emerging player seeking an effective growth strategy or an established organization looking to adapt to the changing marketplace, we help our clients transform the value Research & Development brings to their organization and the marketplace. Our approaches are pragmatic and realistic, and span the continuum from new Research & Development operating models through portfolio management, data analytics, Research & Development IT transformation, and regulatory and safety considerations.

When executing an open innovation model, cooperation is key to competition

Biopharma companies’ reliance on a traditional, closed R&D model might stifle true innovation. However, companies that adopt a cooperative, open innovation framework are likely to spur product development, speed time to market, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness.

Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation: Turning a corner?

The fifth annual study of the pharmaceutical industry’s performance in generating a return from its significant investment in R&D. The report allows industry leaders to understand the drivers of successful R&D strategies that are tangible and, most importantly, actionable.

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