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Consumer Transformation

Health Plans

If you want to know the best ways to drive and sustain business growth, look to your customers. And Deloitte. Our customer transformation specialists offer a range of services that can help you target new markets and improve the customer experience. We offer advanced analytics to help you acquire, mine and manage valuable customer data. Additionally, we provide complete CRM services and strategies that can help you improve lead generation as well as initiate, grow and sustain profitable customer relationships.

Consumer Strategy & Innovation

Deloitte helps corporate leaders create executable strategies to initiate, grow and sustain profitable relationships with consumer and business customers. We are recognized by leading industry analysts for providing our clients with actionable, results—driven strategic thinking. Plus, as the world’s largest professional services firm, we have the global resources and experience to follow through when execution support is needed. Our strategic services help clients achieve profitable growth in these areas: Customer insights and analytics; Customer experience; Brand positioning and marketing; Sales strategy; Contact center; and Multi-channel integration.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Services

Today, it’s possible to build a marketing organization based on a coordinated platform that integrates people, processes and technology. It helps to have a partner that not only understands your business, but has the resources at hand to address each of these areas and more. That’s where Deloitte excels. Our solutions can be applied across the full range of marketing capabilities, prioritized and sequenced as needed.

Consumer Operations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM Transformation—

There are many providers that can help organizations make the transition to from a technical point of view. However, this isn’t a technology issue as much as it is a business issue and that’s where Deloitte excels. We make sure that your transition strategy accounts for all of the surrounding business issues that will determine whether the implementation succeeds or fails in the long term, helping your organization squeeze every bit of value out of your investment. Just as importantly, we know our way around the intricate details that make up the technical side of the implementation, from the application itself to the legacy systems that it typically replaces.

CRM Transformation—SAP

At Deloitte, we’ve applied our deep industry experience to create a wide range of preconfigured SAP CRM—based solutions for companies looking for a nimble, responsive approach to CRM. Using our approach, clients can choose an entire suite of solutions, or implement just the processes they need to get up and running fast. Plus, we offer the ability to test—drive these industry—tailored CRM solutions before you decide to purchase them. Once it’s time to implement, we know the technical aspects to get your CRM solution up and running quickly. Just as importantly, we are able to tailor the CRM user experience to match our clients’ needs. We believe this is a crucial part of any new CRM implementation, directly affecting user productivity—and the numbers bear this out.


Consumer Analytics

Deloitte combines deep industry knowledge, broad functional capabilities and technical know—how to help our clients capture insights and create strategies for attracting, engaging and retaining profitable customers. We look at customers from the outside in—turning everyday information into useful and actionable insights that can inform your decision—making.

Consumer Technology

Culture Change

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About the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions: The source for health care insights.


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Learn more about the solutions we offer life sciences companies as they adapt in an era of transformation. 


Health Plans

Our Health Plans practice offers a range of solutions to help organizations make the most of post-reform market opportunities.


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