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The new health insurance market makes competing a two-stage proposition—win consumers on your health plan’s value proposition, but keep them based on the right consumer experience. Because products will become more standardized and consumers are becoming more discerning and informed, price and innovation are the keys to getting them in the door. But because those consumers will have more choices, health plans also have the opportunity to win them as customers for life—initiating, growing, and sustaining profitable relationships.

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The empowered consumer

The vast proliferation of consumer innovations we’ve all seen in areas like online purchasing, social media, digital marketing, and personalized services are making their way into health care. As technology continues to advance, the health care marketplace is adapting and consumers are finding that they have power to control personal health care costs by navigating the system more wisely. As a result, health care organizations need to rethink their consumer relationships.

The new health care market means that, as plans depend more on individual customer loyalty, they have to excel at service and engaging consumers. Health plans have to understand what the customer values to offer a leading service experience.

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