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The new retail market for health insurance makes competing a two-stage proposition—win consumers on your health plan’s value proposition, but keep them based on the right consumer experience. Because products will become more standardized and consumers are becoming more discerning and informed, price and innovation are the keys to getting them in the door. But because those consumers will have more choices, health plans also have the opportunity to win them as customers for life.

​A “sticky” proposition

ACA-mandated offerings and consumer choice are driving a new focus on price. So health plans need to attack premiums from all angles, such as channel effectiveness, medical cost management and operational excellence.

Meanwhile, the new retail market means that, as plans depend more on individual customer loyalty, they have to excel at service and engaging consumers. Like other retailers, a health plan has to understand what the customer values to offer a leading service experience.

How can you create moments that matter for savvy shoppers while still meeting competitive price points? Can your current technology support the new data flows that meaningful and rewarding customer interactions will require?

To appeal to consumers in the short-term, target attractive price points. To get consumers to stick by you, give them an ongoing experience that sets you apart.

​Retail consumerism: Price wins customers. The consumer experience keeps them.

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The right consumer experience can make the long-term difference. Over time, as consumers make trade-offs and prices stabilize, understanding consumer behaviors, needs and preferences will make your offerings “sticky.” These preferences, as well as your ability to execute flawlessly at each customer touch point, can drive retention, growth, and profitability over the longer term.

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