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Retail Consumerism: Healthcare Marketplace

Health Plans

The growing retail market will challenge health plans to fundamentally shift the way they address functions such as customer segmentation, marketing, distribution, customer service and analytics among others. Health plans have an opportunity to leapfrog the competition by adapting innovations from traditional retail segments. By combining experience in both health care and the retail world, Deloitte is able to deliver innovative solutions coupled with health insurance industry depth.

From B2B to B2C: Can you provide your individual customers with a rewarding consumer experience?

When it comes to winning and building profitable customer relationships, the game is changing for health plans. Group sales are giving way to individual policies cultivated in a retail environment—through new and existing commercial channels, through expanded Medicaid and through the new Health Insurance Exchanges or Marketplaces.

Doing increased business with individuals will open new avenues of opportunity, but it will also require new capabilities and changes to the way you work. Deloitte’s retail solution for health plans brings together experience across many disciplines—not only health care, but retail, digital, customer relationship management, actuarial, predictive modeling and analytics—to offer health plans the strategic, operational, technology and talent strengths they need to compete in this new environment.

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Our approach

Our approach

Our team leverages industry-tested tools and methodologies, including a Health Plan Retail Capability Maturity Model that assesses each of your functional areas from a retail customer perspective, with the goal of providing a tactical roadmap for your organization to improve your retail capabilities.

Deloitte’s retail capabilities include:

  • Retail strategy and visioning
  • Customer insights and analytics
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer market strategy
  • Customer experience design
  • Business model transformation
  • Retail IT strategy
  • Product and pricing advisory services
  • Sales and distribution strategy
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Loyalty and retention program design
  • Individual engagement and health management
  • Individual core platform

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Potential benefits

Potential benefits

​​​Are you ready to retail? Potential benefits may include defining investment priorities, developing new and innovative revenue sources, developing a growth plan based on future capabilities, assessing distribution strategies, segmenting consumers to drive behavior change, and developing a roadmap, and implementation plan for future consumer experience.


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