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​ Capturing the revenue your organization has earned. Eliminating waste. Streamlining processes. More than 300 revenue cycle professionals can help you develop the strategies, identify the opportunities and put in place the technology that can help you build revenue and improve the patient experience.

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End-to-end revenue cycle management to improve economics and patient experiences

Building a sustainable margin in an increasingly complex health care provider environment means capturing every dollar your organization is entitled to and eliminating waste. But there are a number of challenges standing in your way: meeting more complicated billing requirements, providing appropriate documentation and ensuring transparency throughout the process. At the same time, ICD-10 has the potential to dramatically increase the complexity and cost of coding and reimbursement.

To help your organization meet these challenges, we offer a broad set of revenue cycle consulting services. From strategy to technology, from the front end to the back, over 300 Deloitte revenue cycle professionals are ready to work with you to meet your objectives, including capturing additional revenue, accelerating cash flow, reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and growing your business without increasing staff, all while improving the patient experience.

We take an end-to-end approach to revenue cycle management. That means considering multiple factors like determining whether shared services or outsourcing can help you drive down costs. Providing insight into how you can standardize processes and integrate workflow optimization to capture value. And identifying and helping implement the technology and tools that lower expenses and improve services and patient care.

Deloitte Revenue Cycle services include the following:

  • End-to-End Transformation
  • Revenue Cycle Systems Implementation
  • Charge Integrity
  • Patient Experience
  • Patient Throughput
  • Compliance and Regulatory Risk
  • ICD-10 Assessment and Implementation 


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  • Revenue Protect™: Automated workflow management solution to facilitate standardized-, exception- and , rules-based workflow for financial clearance (3rd party payors), financial counseling (self pay) and pre/point-of-service collections and associated management performance and operational reporting.
  • Revenue Recover™: Automated receivables management workflow and management reporting solution to improve net revenue recovery from reduction in all segments of receivable—unbilled (DNFB and OP unbilled), no-response AR Follow-up and Denied/Underpaid claims.
  • Revenue ReAssure™: Supports revenue capture and management reporting by identifying significant variances and flagging any codes and/or cost centers that have revenue, volume and/or pricing that fall outside predefined tolerances.
  • Revenue Intellect™: A cloud-based guided-analytics platform that isolates, quantifies and prioritizes revenue leakage sources designed specifically for health care providersechnology Solutions. 

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