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The fee-for-service (FFS) model as we know it today may be headed for obsolescence. In its absence, plans face a crossroads—enhance positions through new models and collaborations, or risk irrelevance. The shift from volume-based to value-based care isn’t immediate, but the end of FFS in its current form may be inevitable. This change affects everyone in the health care ecosystem. In order to thrive, health plans should consider taking on change early. That means taking the lead in delegating care, driving transparency, aligning incentives, and updating payment models.

​Change brings opportunity

New value-based care model: A new value proposition for your plan?

The new value-based standard will bring a new focus on patients’ health costs, access, and quality. That means plans will have to reexamine their relationships, contracts with providers, and even the way they define themselves. Organizations that are traditionally focused on providing insurance may find themselves specializing in delivering new solutions, like analytics and insights, and embracing broader collaboration as players in new value-based care delivery networks.

Where do your capabilities intersect with the needs your customers and partners have now? What do you want your role—your identity— to be in the new world of value-based care? With so much changing in health care, one of the biggest changes for plans may be the way they coordinate and pay for it.

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​Value-based care: Step up or step aside

Each health plan should consider its identity in the new value-based world: a transactional processor? Part of a value-based care clinically integrated entity? An owner or selective partner of a provider organization? Or a source of value-added solutions and services that let providers supplement their care delivery capabilities in the face of new population management challenges?

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