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Industrial Products & Services

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The Process and Industrial Products (P&IP) industry includes some of the world’s most complex and diverse organizations including chemicals, metals, industrial products, and forest, paper and packaging. It is important to understand exactly where and how they fit in the value chain at any given moment―a steep challenge given the potentially volatile nature of nearly every market segment in today’s global economy.

About Deloitte’s Industrial Products & Services practice

We have helped many P&IP companies navigate through their toughest challenges, with an integrated approach that translates into more powerful results across the whole business―faster. Deloitte serves companies across multiple sub-sectors including:

  • Chemicals & Specialty Materials
  • Forest, Paper & Packaging
  • Industrial Products
  • Metals

Deloitte is a leading presence in the process & industrial products industry.  We provide services to more than 95% of the Fortune 500 and more than 80% of the Fortune 1000 process & industrial products companies through approximately 1,400 professionals.1

1Fortune, May 2014

Key issues affecting P&IP companies

Talent-driven innovation: The availability of quality skilled talent needed for advanced manufacturing in the high-ranking nations makes them highly competitive. The quality and availability of scientists, researchers, and engineers and the quality and availability of skilled labor are the two most critical individual drivers for industry competitiveness.

Economic, trade, financial, and tax systems: Trade, financial, and tax policies supplanted labor and materials costs, supplier networks, infrastructure, energy costs, and everything else as a more important driver of a nation’s competitiveness.

Cost and availability of labor and materials: Cost competitiveness of raw materials, competitive wage rates, and availability of raw materials are key to competitiveness.

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