Sell-side considerations for a cross-border divestiture

Divestitures and separations

Planning for an overseas divestiture? Here are the factors to consider.

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Considerations for cross-border divestitures

Carve-outs and divestitures are a vital means of advancing corporate strategy. They are also complex—and are likely becoming more so as sellers increasingly adopt a global perspective in an effort to attract more bidders and generate higher value.

Although certain preparations are leading practices regardless of the geographic scope of the transaction, there are some specific considerations in a cross-border divestiture that may significantly impact whether or not the seller can effectively execute the transaction and obtain their desired price, including:

  • Determining what’s really for sale
  • Compiling the financials and considering the deal structure
  • Knowing the laws at home and abroad
  • Marketing the business and adapting to foreign buyers
  • Planning for the separation

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