Post-merger Integration

Deal-making is hard, but integration is even harder. If you’re not careful it can drag on for months after the transaction closes. Capturing the value of the deal is a balancing act that requires close attention to management, employees, customers, and shareholders.

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Join us for a customized M&A education session designed to address the critical components of your m&a lifecycle.


Life sciences & health care private equity issue briefs

Explore certain strategic, financial, and tax issues that private equity investors should consider when evaluating investments across various life sciences.


High stakes M&A

One critical factor that makes any deal go beyond expectations is the management ability to lead the deal successfully through the transformation.


A tax director’s guide to surviving a merger or acquisition

Be prepared — and rise to the occasion — during the crucial months after the announcement of the deal


M&A Trends report 2014

M&A report highlights increased deal activity for corporate and private equity respondents and also reveals the factors that can help impact deal success.


Legal entity simplification

This article provides a more rigorous method for estimating the cost savings that are possible with entity reduction efforts. 


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Deloitte’s Mergers and Acquisitions Services provide value across the entire deal lifecycle, from strategy to execution to integration or divestiture.


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The Deloitte M&A Institute can help M&A professionals enhance their capabilities and readiness by providing a collaborative environment where they can build connections, tap into world-class thought leadership, access relevant trainings, and register for in-person events.  


Functional Integration & Carve Outs

Deloitte’s M&A Functional Integration and Carve Outs practice has clearly defined integration and carve out methodologies by corporate function.

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