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Water scarcity creates risks and opportunities. A water stewardship strategy should help business leaders identify and pursue value-creating initiatives, from cost reduction and innovation, to a reputation that creates further opportunities.


Best Global Green Brands 2014

Closing the performance-perception gap

It's becoming increasingly clear that sustainability is no longer just something nice to do for the environment. It's a responsible business activity. It matters from a growth perspective; it matters from a cost and margin perspective and it matters from a brand value perspective.

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That's why Deloitte Consulting LLP is proud to have once again contributed its deep knowledge of sustainability performance management to Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands 2014 list. What makes Interbrand's ranking unique is that it was derived by focusing on two distinct characteristics of sustainability: publicly reported performance and brand perception. As expectations about sustainability performance and about what makes a brand "green" continue to grow, closing any gap between performance and perception is an increasingly important part of the sustainability journey. The companies on the Best Global Green Brands 2014 list, and others like them, have reported strong performance and aligned brand perceptions.

Explore how your organization might profit from closing the performance-perception gap.

“An effective way to close the gap is for companies to invest in sustainability initiatives and programs that become inextricably a part of their brands' DNA. As companies work to improve their environmental sustainability performance, it is imperative that they communicate their efforts and engage with the public and other stakeholders through reporting and disclosure. Simultaneously working to improve environmental performance and perception in the marketplace is key to enhancing business and brand value."


– Will Sarni, director, Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of the Enterprise Water Strategy practice. 

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