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Our survey of 400+ executives found that organizations with superior supply chain capabilities have above-average performance in revenue growth and EBIT.

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Logistics & Distribution

Operate globally while executing locally

As intricate as a spider’s web, logistics and distribution networks are highly complex, making the movement of products and materials from point to point on a global scale a significant challenge for many companies.

Web of efficiency

Whether a company is seeking a global transformational initiative or a series of effective tactical efforts, Deloitte’s Logistics and Distribution practice offers knowledge, skills, and experience to help companies plan and efficiently operate their networks globally while executing effectively at the local level. We work with companies to develop strategy, identify opportunities, and create innovative alternatives that provide supply chain improvement for shareholders and customers.

Logistics & Distribution services

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  • Global transportation optimization—We devise operating strategies to create global transportation networks with effective modes, services levels, and cost structures.
  • Logistics strategy execution—We design operating models that align with organizational design, network strategy and customer demand for effective management of global fulfillment and transportation operations.
  • Omni-channel enablement—We assist retailers to enable their supply chain to support cross-channel order demand.
  • Merger and acquisition integration—We help companies identify and realize logistics synergy opportunities like network rationalization and process standardization.
  • Analytics—We help integrate relevant data and provide important metrics on transportation spend, analysis, capacity utilization, and carrier performance using a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model to reduce the burden on Information Technology.
  • Technology—Our depth of experience with transportation management systems, information management, and business intelligence as well as technical integration efforts allows us to help companies improve and automate global logistics processes.
  • Strategic freight sourcing—We help companies develop and execute sourcing strategies to maximize their buying power in the marketplace. We use our standard methodology to execute an efficient sourcing process and perform analytically driven scenario analysis to optimize savings. And we help ensure savings and benefits are realized with implementation support and benefit tracking tools.

Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Cost reduction
  • Customer lead-time improvement
  • Lower buffer inventories from more reliable transportation
  • Improved gross margin return on inventory investment (GMROII) while increasing revenue by serving demand across the supply chain network of inventory
  • Accelerated synergy capture in the event of mergers or acquisitions
  • Improved process efficiency and cost reduction from better systems
  • Fewer carriers to manage
  • Ability to establish internal and external benchmarks

Many factors contribute to escalated costs, reduced efficiency, and logistical complexity.

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Mike Nayden

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