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M&A Capability Development

Helping strengthen M&A capabilities

​ A pilot gains confidence at the controls through experience. The same is true of companies that engage in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Serial, and even less frequent, deal-makers are eager to sustain momentum and growth by applying the leading practices and knowledge they’ve gained from previous transactions.

Steady at the controls

Deloitte can help companies develop and strengthen their M&A capabilities by guiding them in the organizational processes, roles, and skills required for transaction results. Leveraging experience gained from thousands of transactions, we offer insights into important deal considerations and effective practices for different corporate cultures and decision-making frameworks, tailored to your specific requirements.


M&A Capability Development services

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Resource organization and standardization. We codify transactions and establish standardized integration and divestiture strategies and processes, supporting tools, and methodologies for deal execution.

Functional engagement models. We advise when different organizational functions should be engaged in the integration or divestiture process, their specific roles, the deliverables they can contribute, and the skills and resources they bring to the table.

Synergies and benefits identification and tracking mechanisms. The tools we provide for setting and monitoring deal expectations include standardized processes to identify revenue and cost benefits, methodologies to quantify and assign accountability, and go-forward tracking mechanisms and reporting on synergy progress and attainment.


Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Greater organizational value derived from acquisition and integration activities by being a prepared buyer
  • Maximized transaction value by being a prepared party to the sale
  • Increased internal awareness and capabilities to support subsequent transaction execution, either in parallel, tandem, or one-off
  • Expedited time frames for conducting due diligence due to pre-defined processes, tools, and resources


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