2016 MHI annual innovation report

Industry insiders shed light on how innovation is driving digital, always-on supply chains.

Case studies

Product failure is not an option

A three-pronged solution addressing variability, visibility and velocity in the supply chain puts a CPG company on the path to $35M in cost-of-quality reduced.


Product Development

Link process & organizational improvement

​ A truly efficient product development and engineering process requires both strategic and operational vision. Yet achieving both today is extraordinarily difficult. Product development organizations are under constant pressure to generate more big ideas with the potential to be the next big market-makers, and to do so while accelerating time to market, increasing profitability, reducing costs, and navigating an ever-changing landscape of compliance regulations.

Double vision

Deloitte helps product development organizations combine process and organizational improvements with the implementation of modern product life cycle management (PLM) systems in alignment with strategic and operational objectives. Our practitioners bring significant experience to engagements, having worked with complex organizations across a wide range of industries to deliver transformational projects that drive business value. This knowledge is also captured in industry-specific process models based on years of hands-on experience in an attempt to accelerate implementation efforts.

While new processes and technology will streamline requirements and protocols, we know that analytical excellence alone is unlikely to shift people’s behavior or underlying causes for disparity. We use genuine collaboration and empowerment throughout our projects in an effort to unlock real value for our clients. Leveraging the broad resources of Deloitte, we provide end-to-end services globally, including strategy development, process design and implementation, organizational change and redesign, and technology implementation.

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Product Development services

A Product Development Diagnostic that identifies and sizes the value of improvement opportunities so a realistic business case for funding can be created and a foundation for sustained value can be set.
Product Development Capability Maturity Model that helps assess current-state capabilities against world-class capabilities to support the creation of an executable transformation road map.
Enterprise Value Maps for linking product development improvement opportunities to shareholder value early in the engagement to facilitate priorities and decision making.
Lean Value Stream Analysis that can significantly reduce the complexity of the product development process and increase engineering efficiency.
Design for Value Model that helps companies design, develop, and manufacture products that provide desired functionality at minimum total cost.
Rapid Implementation Solutions with stress test scenarios that can significantly reduce the time to value of implementing process and technology improvements.

Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Reduce engineering and product costs
  • Decrease time to realize value
  • Improve engineering efficiency and effectiveness
  • Manage regulatory compliance
  • Address talent and global organizational needs

Achieving both strategic and operational vision in product development and engineering today is extraordinarily difficult—but it can be done.


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Mark Davis

Product Development Consulting Leader