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Deflecting the scarcity trajectory: Innovation at the water, energy, and food nexus

Shortfalls of water, energy, and food can sabotage economic and business growth as well as compromise social well-being. Fortunately, there are signs that the public sector, private sector, and NGOs are beginning to work together to take us off the scarcity trajectory.

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Business ecosystems come of age

Deloitte’s third annual Business Trends report explores how forward-looking leaders and organizations can thrive in a world of ecosystems.


'Liquid Assets' by Will Sarni

A monthly column exploring water as a business issue and the ways in which companies can manage water-related risks in an increasingly constrained world.


Is the Bottom of the Pyramid Really for You?

Searching for that pot of gold in the world's most challenging markets may not be worth your company's while. Here's how to make that call.

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Corporate Citizenship

Deloitte’s Corporate Citizenship program promotes a stronger economy and society by serving the public interest, strengthening a culture of purpose, and inspiring leadership in others—within and outside of Deloitte.


Growth for good or good for growth?

How sustainable and inclusive activities are changing business and why companies aren’t changing enough.


Collaboration seeks to increase impact

Deloitte's Monitor Institute and New Profit, a venture philanthropy fund, help social entrepreneurs grow their impact. 


Energy & water: A market reality check

For CFOs, now may be the time to take stock of your energy portfolio, rebalancing and derisking it for the future.


Challenging the orthodoxies of philanthropy

Are traditional assumptions about how we "do" philanthropy preventing us from finding new and better ways of working?


Challenging the orthodoxies of philanthropy

Are traditional assumptions about how we "do" philanthropy preventing us from finding new and better ways of working?


Social Impact Consulting

A catalytic force for impact and change

Deloitte’s Social Impact practice helps clients in the public, private, and social sectors become a catalytic force to meet our greatest societal challenges. Our multidisciplinary teams can co-create new solutions with clients and help evolve those critical solutions beyond the concept and pilot phases. We focus on strengthening linkages between sectors, quantifying and communicating impact, and mobilizing the fast-evolving ecosystem of players—to ultimately move both the organization and society from aspiration to tangible impact.

Mobilizing issue ecosystems

Over the last two decades, the world has seen a number of societal issues not only persist but grow—lack of access to education and economic opportunity, adequate health care, a clean and safe environment, and sufficient food and nutrition, among others. There is increasing recognition that traditional approaches and business models for addressing intractable societal problems are proving ineffective. Solutions are no longer the responsibility of a single organization or sector. Instead, multi-stakeholder initiatives mobilizing “issue ecosystems” have driven solutions to complex societal challenges.

Governments, while historically capable of large scale solutions to basic societal challenges, are becoming less able to tackle complex and nuanced problems. Nonprofits and foundations have been able to surface an impressive array of innovative solutions, yet are finding it difficult to scale these solutions in a sustainable and timely way. Corporations—adept at rapidly scaling solutions—are now incorporating into their strategy collective action initiatives and the delivery of social good while on the path to profit.

In response to these shortfalls, many business sectors are adapting their strategies, operating models, processes, and behavioral norms to address complex societal challenges. Viable solutions require sustained commitment and cross sector collaboration to surface and scale innovations, as well as to codify and deploy “next” practices. Translating such visionary ideas into practice requires often unprecedented action, drawing on diverse domains of expertise, emerging evidence about “what works,” and progressive thinking in the social impact space.

Monitor Institute

Monitor Institute, part of Deloitte’s Social Impact service line, is a social impact consultancy that works with innovative leaders to address deep-rooted social and environmental challenges. Monitor Institute seeks to change how change is created by identifying, framing, and disseminating new ideas and next practices.

Monitor Institute’s client service and thought leadership helps innovative leaders, organizations, and networks set strategy, drive effectiveness, and increase efficiency. Its multidisciplinary team has worked with more than 100 social sector and global development organizations, including seven of the ten largest US foundations and many groundbreaking social innovators.

Visit the Monitor Institute to discover more on how they help leaders disrupt the status quo.

Driving corporate growth through social impact: Four corporate archetypes to maximize your social impact

Social impact has evolved from a pure PR play to an important part of corporate strategy to protect and create value. In our recent study, we identify the four social impact archetypes companies typically fall into.

Visit the Driving corporate growth through social impact page to learn more

Punit Renjen,
Deloitte Global CEO

Culture of purpose

Punit’s blueprint for building a culture of purpose:

  • Articulate: Capture exactly who you are in language that’s specific and clear. Write it down.
  • Propagate: Take the organization’s purpose that has been articulated and communicate and illustrate it subtly and steadily over time.
  • Embed: Create the framework of programs and operations that gives your people a way to live the organization’s purpose.
  • Live: Align the behavior of leaders and employees alike with “who you are” and “why you exist.”

Read more about Punit’s thoughts on building a culture of purpose and explore results of Deloitte’s third annual Core Beliefs & Culture survey.

News and insights

Deloitte announces expanded Social Impact collaboration with New Profit at Pro Bono Week

To coincide with Pro Bono Week, Deloitte announced the renewal and expansion of its multi-million dollar collaboration with New Profit, a nonprofit venture philanthropy fund. New Profit’s mission is to break down barriers to opportunity in America by transforming the way we educate our children, help people achieve social and financial stability, and create healthy communities.

Social Impact practice launches during UN General Assembly week

The Social Impact consulting practice launch coincided with the official announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Deloitte joined the UN Foundation to convene leaders in discussing how companies can achieve some of the new SDGs by the target date of 2030.


Work, life, and leadership driven by purpose

Having forged a successful career in the Technology sector, Deepa Purushothaman, principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Social Impact service line and national leader of Deloitte’s Women’s Initiative, reflects on her own experiences in discovering her voice. She discusses her journey to becoming true to her sense of purpose and finding ways to bring purpose to her daily work life.

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Monitor Institute

Monitor Institute, part of Deloitte’s Social Impact Service Line, addresses social & environmental challenges through thought leadership & client service. 


Strategy & Operations

Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations practice works with senior executives to help them solve their toughest and most complex problems. 

Jerry O’Dwyer

US Social Impact Service Line leader


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