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Making smarter connections between service delivery capabilities can have a business impact greater than the sum of its parts. To drive sustainable value across the enterprise, start at the core: Your service delivery model itself. Deloitte’s Service Delivery Transformation professionals can make connections others miss—whether your focus is global business services, shared services, or outsourcing.

How we can help

We believe our clients’ service delivery models operate at the very core of their business. Strengthen at the core and you can strengthen the entire business.

Since core service delivery issues don’t recognize organizational boundaries–for example, what begins as an HR concern can quickly lead to issues in finance or technology–making connections between core service delivery issues is critical to driving enterprise value.

From global business services to outsourcing to shared services, Deloitte has deep service capabilities, a wide range of expertise, and broad global reach. We can help you identify, understand, and strengthen the connections between service delivery capabilities to drive profitable growth across the organization.

Our experienced Service Delivery Transformation professionals team with you throughout the entire service delivery transformation lifecycle–from assessing feasibility to developing strategy, from implementation to fine tuning–to strengthen the core and deliver maximum value from your service delivery model


To transform your business, transform your service delivery model.

Build core strength with service delivery insights

Connectors: The “human cloud” in global business services
After years of seeking creative new solutions to getting more work done more efficiently (shared services, global services, outsourcing, “silent offshoring,” and so on), some companies see the possibility for an entirely new opportunity: The so-called “human cloud.” In the human cloud, jobs are broken down into smaller components and assigned to freelance workers as a regular, manageable part of the company’s workforces.

Ask the pro: Why is change management so critical, and so challenging, in service delivery?
During service delivery transformation, program leaders often believe change management is only about one or two things. For instance, someone might think it’s all about having a clear vision, another might believe it’s about letting people know how it will impact their jobs, and yet someone else will think it boils down to training. The truth is that it’s much more complicated than that. Effective change management requires all of those things and much more.

Global outsourcing survey 2016
The use of outsourcing is accelerating even as it radically reinvents itself to keep pace with changing technologies that enable outcome based business services. The quest to drive business value through outsourcing was once focused on cost-cutting—and this will remain a key motivation—but the results of Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey 2016 indicates that outsourcing is becoming a vibrant pathway for driving innovation into the enterprise.

Ask the pro: What does business integrity in M&A mean to shared services?
When businesses come together through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), they bring their unique master data definitions, accounting treatments, data sources, and more. Ensuring the consistency of these components as one organization combines with another is essential for successful M&A transformation. Ideally, the business decision-makers should be able to compare data between the companies, but in an M&A environment, often they cannot. This is where the concept of “business integrity” comes into play, and in many instances, the shared services organization is well positioned to add value regarding it.

Connectors: Making shared services work at the core of the business
As shared services strategies mature, some believe the next step in their evolution will move them to the core of the business–not just driving cost savings, but performing business-critical processes that contribute a different level of value. Your shared service talent may be ready for this shift. But is your organization?


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