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Tech Trends 2014: A public sector perspective

Inspiring disruption

Deloitte’s annual Public Sector Technology Trends report examines the ever-evolving landscape of technology put to practical business use. Once again, we’ve selected 10 trends that we believe have the opportunity to impact business over the next 18 to 24 months.

A public sector perspective

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​Emerging technologies continue to present the public sector with a disruptive, yet compelling opportunity to do more with less by helping to drive innovation, inspiration, and efficiency. Our annual report places a public sector lens on the 10 technology trends that exemplify the unprecedented potential for emerging technologies to reshape how work gets done, while delivering on the mission and better meeting the needs of constituents over the next 18 to 24 months.

Our 2014 trends are grouped into two categories

Disruptors are opportunities that can create sustainable positive disruption in IT capabilities, business operations, and sometimes even business models. 

  • CIO as venture capitalist
  • Cognitive analytics
  • Industrialized crowdsourcing
  • Digital engagement
  • Wearables

Enablers are technologies in which many CIOs have already invested time and effort, but that warrant another look this year because of new developments, new capabilities, or new potential use cases.

  • Technical debt reversal
  • Social activation
  • Cloud orchestration
  • In-memory revolution
  • Real-time DevOps

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Mark White

Global Consulting Technology CTO