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Federal workforce of tomorrow

Multigenerational. Diverse. Collaborative. All describe today’s Federal workforce. But how can we help you make it more sustainable and transform its capabilities? Our Federal human capital services and Greenhouse innovation labs focus on bringing talent analytics, technology, and immersive learning to help teams explore, collaborate, innovate and deliver—together.

2014 Best Places to Work®

Deloitte is proud to sponsor the 2014 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government ® (Best Places) rankings, a program designed to help a broad audience of job seekers, researchers, federal employees, and government leaders. Best Places is a product of the Partnership for Public Service (the Partnership), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and transform the way government works.

To learn more about your agency’s rankings, download the brochure or go to Best Places to Work for more information.

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Workforce resilience

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Government workforces have not been immune to the pressures of the Great Recession and the volatility of recent years. How have governments around the world responded?

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Silencing the static

In a constrained fiscal environment where Federal employees have recently faced pay freezes and furloughs, it is important for agency leaders to find ways to silence the static and engage the workforce, increase morale, help employees understand how they connect to the organizational mission, and amplify the impact of existing organizational initiatives and investments. 

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The new government leader

Read "The new government leader" on DUPress.com

What makes an effective government leader in a world where citizens expect real-time engagement with their institutions and whose social problems often defy siloed solutions? Read more.

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