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Navigating the four faces of a functional C-level executive

As a C-level executive, you will generally have to assemble a team that ensures the operator and functional stewardship activities are taken care of, freeing your time for the strategist and catalyst faces.

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Moments of Impact

Co-authored by Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Chris Ertel, Moments of Impact is a book on a mission to eradicate time-sucking, energy-depleting meetings.


Government innovation and action

Inspiring new possibilities

Senior leaders in state and local governments confront shrinking resources, demanding constituents, complex policy environments, and relentless pressure to deliver results in a tight timeline. Deloitte can help leaders set their agendas, identify innovative solutions, organize their teams, and deliver impactful outcomes with confidence. Combining a leading management perspective with rigorous, objective analysis, and a deep understanding of “what works,” Deloitte can help senior leaders turn great ideas into delivered results.

Innovation and change

State leaders feel the pressure to do more for their constituents and economy, even as competing priorities limit resources. Top-level state leaders need innovative policies, program approaches, and service delivery models to help grow their economies and keep pace with global pressures which may be outside their experience. When innovative approaches are identified, translating big ideas into effective policy and administration can challenge even the most experienced teams.

Deloitte’s Innovation and Change services bring a global perspective on innovative public and private sector solutions, rigorous, objective analysis of approaches, outcomes and risks, and a top leadership perspective to help state teams turn innovative ideas into practical outcomes.

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Strategic alignment

Senior leaders often lead by informal influence, rather than traditional reporting relationships. Policy initiatives often require a “team of teams,” loosely organized, responsive to multiple constituents, and poorly suited to traditional “vertical” leadership approaches. Deloitte can help senior leaders reduce risk and accelerate progress by establishing an environment of shared purpose, responsive to the needs of interagency constituents.


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Leadership transition

Recently elected or appointed state government leaders want to move quickly on their policy agendas, but converting this energy into effective action requires prompt, preparation, including assessing opportunities and risks, setting priorities and milestones, and organizing the team. Deloitte’s Leadership Transition services can help top leaders turn their agendas into effective action by providing a structured, fact-based, and fast-moving transition to new leadership.


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