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Public sector innovation

GovLab is a think tank in the Deloitte Federal practice that focuses on innovation in the public sector. It works closely with senior government executives and thought leaders from across the globe.

About GovLab

Through exploration and analysis of government’s most pressing challenges, GovLab seeks to develop innovative yet practical ways that governments can transform the way they deliver their services and prepare for the challenges ahead.

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Government and the impact economy

A new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, and nonprofit leaders is working to develop profitable and socially conscious business and investment models. This is the impact economy, a small but growing sector that seeks to put the achievement of social good at the center of business. Read the report.

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What Darwin can teach government

Like species, workforces can go through an evolutionary process, driven by individuals with unusual but favorable behaviors—“positive deviants.”

Learn how organizations can nurture these behaviors.

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