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Higher Education Services


Higher Education Services

Reimagining the way forward

Higher education institutions are under pressure to respond to rising challenges due to diminished funding, economic pressures, and demands for accountability at all levels. At the same time demands to optimize limited resources and provide stakeholders responsive digital and online service are increasing. Universities and colleges select Deloitte because of the depth and breadth of resources and experiences we bring to assist our higher education clients in addressing these challenges. Collaboration is in our DNA–with a keen focus on results.


Issues facing higher education

How we can help

Deloitte has been working with colleges and universities for over nine decades. We understand the business and culture of higher education.

University Transformation

Severe financial constraints

Transform-designing a new way for universities to do business
Our University Transformation approach delivers a set of innovative services that will enable clients to make unique contributions to teaching, learning and research; support students, faculty and staff; and operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Escalating technology demands

Escalating technology demands

Innovate–delivering cloud/ERP enterprise solutions for a new university experience
Deloitte equips universities with the technology capabilities needed to serve the modern student. Our approach supports administrators across a range of functions as enterprise solutions shift to the latest cloud/ERP technologies to directly benefit the student/faculty experience.

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Talent Transformation

Talent issues place missions at risk

Advance–aligning to retain, recruit, and grow the next generation of leaders
Our Talent Transformation approach helps institutions deliver on their important missions through a set of innovative Human Capital tools and services.

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Jeffrey Bradfield

National Practice Leader, Higher Education


John Curry

Director - Strategic Initiatives, Higher Education