Rethinking compliance management

Bank leaders and boards, which must come to terms with the new reality of compliance. Which “shoulds” are really sometimes “shalls?”


Dodd-Frank Act push-out

Banks are now focused on the decisions that they need to make and determining the best course of action to be in compliance with “push-out” in 2015.


Under the spotlight

Banking regulators are making “Regulation W” a priority. Implications and approaches for Banks to consider.


Risk Appetite in the Financial Services Industry

A requisite for risk management today

Today, the importance of implementing a board-approved risk appetite and framework is clear — in addition to being a direct link to the formulation of corporate strategy, it is also a key element of effective risk management, governance, and risk culture. For the purpose of context setting, this paper provides a brief recap of the evolution of the risk appetite concept in the banking industry. Our main focus, however, is the practical application of the risk appetite framework to help board members and senior business and risk executives drive the implementation of such a framework at their institutions

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A properly articulated statement of risk appetite and related framework can provide:

  • A clear articulation of the business activities a firm is willing to engage in and the levels of risk it is willing to assume
  • An understanding of all material risks taken by the firm, both at the business unit level and in aggregate
  • A foundation for communication among internal and external stakeholders, as use of firm-specific language promotes shared understanding of terminology and enhances risk culture
  • A framework for formulating strategic and tactical business decisions
  • A means to engage the board of directors in improving risk governance and discussion of risk from a strategic point of view
  • Ability to measure, monitor and adjust, as necessary, the actual risk positions against expressed risk appetite and facilitate communication to key stakeholders.

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