Businesses today must weather a storm of complex regulations. Deloitte regulatory services help you identify and manage the impact to your organization, put in place clear industry-focused strategies to both protect and create value, and turn converging regulations into opportunity.

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Deloitte acquires LRA Worldwide to provide brand and reputation management solutions to measure customer experience

Recognizing the growing pressures on CEOs and boards to protect and manage brand and reputation risk, Deloitte today announced an agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of LRA Worldwide, a global leader in customer experience measurement.



The FINRA CARDS proposal could go into effect in 2015. Learn more about the requirements, as well as the hidden opportunities. 


Reg Pulse blog

Reg Pulse promotes the sharing of insights, experiences and perspectives on the latest regulatory developments and trends.  


2014 Energy Compliance Survey Report

Explore critical insights about what energy companies and regulators are focusing on, and what the top compliance priorities should be.


Enhanced prudential standards

This report can serve as a guidepost to understand how corporate compliance works best in your company. 


The final Volcker Rule

 Discussed in this paper are key operational considerations for banking organizations’ compliance with the Volcker Rule requirements.


Governance, Regulatory, and Risk Strategies

Deloitte can help you create and protect value and enhance effective management of governance, regulatory and compliance risks on a sustained basis.  


Center for Regulatory Strategy

The Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy provides deep knowledge and practical insight into regulatory matters across heavily regulated industries.


The next frontier in managing risk

Strategic Risk Management debuts as a way to counter emerging threats.


Enterprise Compliance Services

Helping companies develop a centralized, coordinated approach to ethics and compliance program design and assessment.

Press releases

Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR)

David Strachan, partner, Deloitte EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy comments on the Fair and Effective Markets Review final report.

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Risk, Reputation and Regulatory Affairs Officer

Kevin McGovern

Regulatory & Compliance Leader | Deloitte Advisory

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Director | Center for Regulatory Strategies