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Deloitte offers a range of financial technology software and services to address the administration, accounting, compliance and surveillance demands of today’s market—and your firm’s unique needs. From start-up funds to large global financial institutions, and in more than a dozen countries across five continents, we keep pace with innovations in technology and changes in the global financial markets to help you improve efficiencies, increase transparency, and build value.

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Developed by a team of professionals with deep finance and software development experience, these solutions and services address the administration, accounting, compliance and surveillance needs of today’s market. Choose from the solutions below to learn more about how our flexible, powerful and comprehensive financial technology solutions can help your organization increase efficiency and boost performance.

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ABCP Suite™

A multiseller bank conduit administration solution.

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ABS Suite™

A powerful and comprehensive structured finance solution for securitization and covered bond issuers, servicers, and trustees.

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Cascade Suite™

A waterfall calculation and scenario forecasting solution for private equity administrators and fund managers.

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Compliance Suite™

A robust software solution to assist with the preparation of Form PF, AIFMD, and other regulatory filings.

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A financial accounting and reporting software package for portfolios of financial instruments for investment managers and fund administrators.


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An administration and reporting system to support the activities of loan administrative agents.

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A solution for automating enterprisewide stress tests and helping enable efficient capital planning for banking institutions.

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A rules-based compliance engine that provides flexible, user-configurable calculations for CLO collateral managers/trustees and alternative investment managers.

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A bank loan data processing service for use with Solvas|Portfolio™ to help eliminate the need for clients to input agent notices.

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A software solution designed to forecast cash flows for financial instruments based on a variety of user-defined assumptions.

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A cloud-based hosting platform for Deloitte’s Financial Technology™ products.

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An accounting and financial calculation and reporting solution for acquisitions of loans and distressed debt portfolios under FASB ASC 310-20 (formerly FAS 91) and FASB ASC 310-30 (formerly SOP 03-3).

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Solvas|Level Yield™

A calculation module for use with Solvas|Portfolio™ to help support level yield calculations related to FASB ASC 310-20 (Formerly FAS 91).

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An interactive module that provides cross-portfolio and multicurrency performance reporting for CLO collateral managers/trustees and alternative investment managers.

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A rules-based priority of payments module that provides flexible, user-configurable priority of payments calculations for CLO collateral managers and trustees.

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A multiasset class CLO/CDO or nonstructured portfolio administration and reporting solution for asset managers, alternative investment funds, trustees, and fund administrators.

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A solution for the accounting and financial calculation and reporting needs associated with troubled debt restructuring under FASB ASC 310-40.

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Surveillance Suite™

A dynamic surveillance, portfolio monitoring, and dashboard reporting solution.

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Complementary solution

Tax Analysis and Information Reporting for Debt Investments

Investments in debt and debt securities face both challenges and opportunities in today’s environment. Traditional tax accounting that employs spreadsheets or similar applications may not be sufficient to access and track the large volumes of data associated with these investments on a highly detailed loan-level basis, let alone generate the appropriate reports. Deloitte’s Tax Analysis and Information Reporting for Debt Investments (TARDI) services and advanced tax database technology have been designed for the wide range of owners of debt investments to address their tax compliance requirements and tax planning need while maintaining flexibility to pursue different investment approaches.

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