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Reinventing the customer experience

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation. Challenged by enduring recessionary consumer attitudes, increasing competition and the continued trend away from brick-and-mortar shopping, retailers are embracing digital technologies, carving out new sales channels and integrating their supply chains to deliver superior value to the marketplace. In this time of reinvention, Deloitte’s Retail & Distribution team brings demonstrated experience in strategy, operations, finance, IT, and talent to help you move forward with confidence.

2015 Retail Industry Outlook

​​“Convergence and diversification stand out as themes retailers are anticipated to embrace as they look to innovate, differentiate, and grow in an increasingly competitive market,” says Alison Kenney Paul, vice chairman and US Retail and Distribution leader, Deloitte LLP. In the following interview, Paul shares her thoughts on growth opportunities and industry trends for retailers to be mindful of in 2015.​

Global Powers of Retailing 2015

This year's report focuses on the theme of "embracing innovation," and considers some of the most important trends for the coming year as retailers cope with a rapidly changing marketplace.

Consumer Spending Surveys

Deloitte’s Retail & Distribution practice conducts multiple consumer surveys throughout the year to measure consumer sentiment and spending behaviors. Results from the surveys have uncovered and reconfirmed important consumer trends that are critical to retailers for making sound business and planning decisions.

Navigating the new digital divide

For the third year, Deloitte Digital conducted a survey with thousands of consumers to understand how they engage with digital when shopping, and to quantify how these interactions influence their in-store purchase behavior. This year, and over two million data points later, the continuing growth of digital influence is resulting in a widening divide between consumers’ digital expectations and retailers’ ability to deliver on them.

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Vice Chairman & US Leader | Retail & Distribution

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