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Tax data analytics

A new era for tax planning and compliance

Tax data analytics can help an organization’s tax function make smarter, real-time decisions to improve business performance and drive strategy.

Tax data analytics

Like other business functions, tax departments face increasing demand to operate more efficiently. At the same time, expectations are growing for tax to provide strategic tax viewpoints and additional value to the broader organization.

Tax data analytics can help address these expanding requirements and open new avenues for tax executives and their teams to engage with the broader business. Tax data analytics combines tax technical knowledge, large sets of data, and new technologies such as visualization tools to generate insights and deeper understanding.

Analytics can help move tax toward insight and foresight, changing its mindset from “what do I need to do?” to “what do I need to know?”

This article, based on a Deloitte Dbriefs webcast, provides an overview of tax data analytics concepts and components along with areas of potential value creation through use of analytics. The article also contains practical examples of how companies can apply analytics in combination with visualization tools to identify and explore key tax issues and opportunities.

Download the article above and explore how tax data analytics can open new worlds for tax executives and the broader business. And, be sure to check out our graphic representation and view the Dbriefs webcast below.

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