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Insights into spectrum

Owning the airwaves

In this series of industry-leading reports, Deloitte offers insights that can help carriers, policymakers, and infrastructure providers address the complex issues surrounding mobile broadband and spectrum policy management. The various reports explore how spectrum licensing could add $260 billion to the US economy, how policy changes can foster innovation, the widespread impact of 4G technology, and the ramifications of spectrum shortage. Have a look and see how Deloitte could address your spectrum and mobile broadband issues.​

United States expands global lead in mobile broadband

How spectrum policy actions could enhance or imperil America’s mobile broadband competitiveness

How does America stack up in the mobile landscape? What are the strengths and weaknesses? This Deloitte achievement index will help you answer these questions and many others. The new, 2014 index shows how the US expanded its global lead in mobile broadband, yet offers contrasting spectrum policy scenarios. It demonstrates how if US policies are insufficient to address telecoms’ growing need for spectrum, America’s mobile broadband leadership will be at risk–jeopardizing the broader US economy. A must read for all those in the mobile world. Only from Deloitte.


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​Shared spectrum: GSMA/Deloitte report explores options for mobile broadband

A report from the GSMA, an association of mobile operators and related companies, indicates that shared spectrum can complement—but not replace—the need for exclusive-access spectrum in the provision of mobile broadband.​

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​Airwave overload? Addressing spectrum strategy issues that jeopardize US mobile broadband leadership

This report examines the US’ shrinking lead in mobile broadband, takes a closer look at how these issues might be addressed, and provides a set of metrics for monitoring the progress governments make as they compete to capitalize on the potential of wireless technology for the benefit of their economies and citizens.​

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The impact of 4G technology on commercial interactions, economic growth and US competitiveness

United States 4G leadership is far from assured. More than 150 carriers in 60 countries are committed to 4G deployments and trials. US mobile broadband use is pressing against the limits of available spectrum, and other countries are on track to exceed US spectrum supply. How can the US prevail?

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