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Technology leadership perspectives

Our take on tech trends and disruptors

The Internet of Things, Consumerization of IT, Mobility, Cyber Security, Analytics–these top trends will continue to be key drivers of technology innovation this year. To help you take full advantage, get the perspective of Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry leadership team. Our subject matter specialists discuss everything from cloud computing to IT transformation–all in a number of insightful articles and videos. If you’re looking for new business value, this is where you’ll find it.

Emerging technology

  • Capitalizing on the promise—and the power—of the Internet of Things [CFO Insights]
    For CFOs, understanding the Internet of Things (IoT) and developing a point of view regarding its potential ramifications is essential. In this issue of CFO Insights, how the IoT can influence business models both in terms of cost saving and asset efficiency and in driving top-line growth is examined.
  • How artificial intelligence is transforming the workplace - BBC News interview with Paul Sallomi
    Paul Sallomi, US and Global Technology Sector Leader, recently sat down with Dan Damon, BBC Journalist and Host of the BBC’s “World Update” to share his perspectives on how cognitive computing is transforming the way we live and work.
  • Flashpoint: Taxing the Internet of Things
    As the Internet of Things blurs the line between products and services, taxation may have a bigger impact than many expect. Here are some considerations that should be on every company’s radar.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) goes mainstream
    It’s time for the technology leaders across the board in every industry to discuss how AI can be used to improve quality, speed, functionality, and even drive top line revenue growth.​ A confluence of forces has propelled artificial intelligence into the business mainstream.
  • Interoperability in the disconnected world of connected things
    The possibilities are wide open for the Internet of Things to transform our personal and professional lives, not to mention the way our large institutions operate and interact with us. These opportunities hinge on interoperability–the ability to connect data collected by devices and sensors across disparate systems. But what challenges are introduced by interoperability and how will we tackle them?
  • Cryptocurrency and the complexities of coexistence
    As the ecosystem around cryptocurrency matures, adoption is growing among industries and geographies. Read about the challenges and opportunities that cryptocurrencies present to businesses.
  • It’s all about the IoT
    Editor: Emmet Ryan, Sunday Business Post
    With the access to new technologies increasing and the cost of cloud computing decreasing, the market value of the Internet of Things is rocketing. Learn where the greatest opportunities lie, not only on the consumer side, but on the enterprise side as well.
  • The Internet of Things ecosystem: Unlocking the business value of connected devices - Cost savings. Asset efficiency. Revenue generation. That’s the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). But how do you capture it? For enterprise adopters and IoT providers, Deloitte helps unlock the business value of connected devices. For providers, we offer six actionable strategies to create strategies and tools that improve enterprise adopters' business performance–short and long term. And for enterprise executives, we offer a framework to discover where business value resides and where opportunities exist. Learn how we help you tap the IoT for revenue growth and innovation.
  • 3D Printing: A powerful technology, but no panacea - Companies today are pursuing competitive advantages through additive manufacturing–more commonly known as 3D printing–through product innovation and making supply chains more flexible and agile. Learn how companies should view this technology as a complement rather than a replacement for traditional manufacturing methods in order to unlock additive manufacturing's value.​

Digital transformation

  • The era of the (digital) omnivore is upon us - For home or work, it's about content and personal use cases, not technology. There's a new class of digital consumer, Digital Omnivores (consumers who own a laptop, smartphone and tablet) and they're bringing their preference for device usage to the enterprise. Learn more about the Digital Omnivores' impact on the enterprise IT experience.
  • Digital engagement and the market of one - Today's customers are increasingly willing to surrender more information to companies they choose, but they expect relevant and useful content, products and services in return. CMOs and CIOs have a unique opportunity to collaborate to provide personalized product recommendations, promotions, and content in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce duplicative efforts.​

Cyber security

  • Flashpoint: Cyber risk in an Internet of Things world - The IoT offers new ways for businesses to create value, however the constant connectivity and data sharing also creates new opportunities for information to be compromised. Explore some of the more notable developments in the battle to combat cyber risks.​
  • Cyber in the boardroom: Time for a cyber chair? - While the true cost of cybercrime is not easy to tabulate, its impact is quickly drawing increased attention. As a result, Boards of Directors have a responsibility to take a more active role to ensure that management protects and maximizes the value of their digital assets both within and outside the company walls.

Social business

  • Corporate leaders can amplify the value of social to the business - Listening services are almost old news. Not that social signals aren’t useful; they certainly are. But, the real value of social signals to a company depends upon its ability to gain and act on insights ahead of the competition. Those companies that figure out how to integrate social analytics into the decision-making processes across the enterprise first will be well ahead of the competition in removing unknowns and moving the needle on business performance. 

Consumer technology

  • The digitized employee: Wearable tech and a healthier workforce - 2014 may be the year of wearable devices. With the ability to place microsensors virtually anywhere, technology is more wearable than ever and individuals are embracing technology that moves with them through their daily lives. Taken together, the global market for smart glasses, activity monitors and smart watches could reach $3 billion in 2014. Can wearable technology help create a healthier, more productive workforce?


Financial trends

  • Cutting your way to growth - More and more companies are splitting into separate businesses or selling off pieces that are no longer core to their operations—and Wall Street is applauding their moves. Learn how business leaders can take a hard look at their portfolio of businesses, as well as the business types within each, and answer some important questions to determine if their company should cut its way to growth on WIRED's Innovation Insights.
  • Redeploying cash to drive growth in tech companies - Making money work for you: Many technology companies today have built up cash reserves and stepped up their cash coffers at an unprecedented rate. For companies that consider investing in organic, inorganic, or capitalization levers, we present a novel framework that captures three primary business criteria to help prioritize investments to maximize topline revenue growth—strategic, operational, and tax/financial.
  • The problem of excess cash: Marking time - In this economy, excess cash isn’t always a bad problem to have–however, keeping it on the books isn’t always the answer. When excess cash sits on the balance sheet, it’s not being utilized for initiatives that further innovation or growth. While cash distribution may temporarily satisfy impatient shareholders, returning cash won’t be enough to meet long-term expectations.

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