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The era of the (Digital) Omnivore is upon us

Digital consumers are influencing the enterprise

​ There's a new class of digital consumer, and it's making its way to an enterprise near you. Call them the Digital Omnivores: Comfortable with consumer technology, these are the growing population of consumers who own a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet.​

For home or work, it's about content and personal use cases, not technology

As the world has shifted to digital, we know that many trends start in the consumer space and move to the enterprise and now the growing population of digital omnivores wants to bring all three devices into the enterprise world.  With BYOD, CIOs are already getting used to idea that they have to respond to the desire for consumer-grade technology in the enterprise. Now they also have to recognize that users have their own preferences for how and when they use devices for different types of activities but still expect IT to support a seamless transition from one device to the next one they use. Learn more about Digital Omnivores' impact on the enterprise IT​.

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