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The dual roles of the CIO in the digital age

The rapid adoption of digital technologies is putting new pressures on IT organizations. Today’s CIO must play a dual role: builder of technology and builder of the business.


The 2013 CIO Compass

A field guide to practical IT strategy and planning that helps align your overall business and technology agendas and improve the delivery of IT services.


Changing the game on cyber risk

A new way to view security in your enterprise.

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Taking the reins as a CIO

Proficiency in the foundational skills of running an IT department will only make for a good CIO. A great CIO possesses and applies capabilities that create value for the business.


Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Preparing for what's next

​ CIOs rarely have time to rest. There’s always something evolving – from technology innovation and new business practices to emerging security threats and cost pressures – any one of which can have a significant impact on information technology (IT) and the entire business. To help CIOs keep pace with the latest developments and trends, we offer a mix of innovative thinking and practical advice for CIOs – all designed to help you turn new developments in the IT landscape into more value for your business.

Transforming business with technology

CIOs help their organizations solve business challenges using technology. So do we. From disruptive new technologies to running a world class IT organization – and everything in between. By combining business process excellence, IT effectiveness, business transformation and business innovation – we help clients create sustainable business value.

Our services include:

  • Consulting services. As the world’s largest consulting firm, we’re helping clients take decisive action and achieve sustainable results. From analytics and customer transformation, to digital enterprises and technology consulting, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers clients need to move forward with confidence.
  • Financial advisory services. We help address clients’ business concerns throughout their lifecycle – such as investigating and deterring potential fraud, providing discovery services during litigation, completing transactions and strategic investments, and preparing for reorganization.
  • Tax services. We help companies understand the tax implications of their technology investment decisions, taking into account national and international tax structures, and aligning tax functions with business objectives.
  • Risk services. By taking a Risk Intelligent approach, we help clients focus on their areas of increased risk, bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organizational boundaries, and seek not only risk mitigation, but also pursue intelligent risk taking as a means to value creation.

Insights from Deloitte

Published by The Wall Street Journal and sponsored by Deloitte, CIO Journal is a premium news and information service for chief information officers and senior business executives interested in technology. In addition to news and reporting from WSJ’s dedicated staff of tech journalists, and aggregated news from Dow Jones, CIO Journal features daily insights and analysis from Deloitte in a dedicated content module.

CIO Journal is accessible to all WSJ digital edition subscribers. Interested readers may opt-in to receive The Morning Download, a digest of the day’s top CIO Journal stories, including a featured story from Deloitte, delivered every weekday. Read the latest Deloitte insights in CIO Journal.

Dbriefs Webcasts for Technology Executives

Anticipating tomorrow's complex issues and new strategies is a challenge, and with technology constantly changing it can be difficult to keep up. Stay ahead of the technology curve with Dbriefs - live webcasts that provide valuable insights on current developments that could affect your business.

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As the world's largest consulting firm, we can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.


Risk Advisory Services

Deloitte’s market-leading risk advisory practice is dedicated to helping your organization manage strategic, financial, operational, technological and regulatory risk to maximize enterprise value. 


Karen Mazer

US CIO Program Co-Lead


Peter Vanderslice

US Technology Transformation Leader


Ted DeZabala

Principal | Risk Advisory Practice


Khalid Kark

US CIO Program Research Leader

Dbriefs Webcast

Emerging Technologies: Anticipating Cyber Security Risks

April 02 | 2:00 PM ET

Dbriefs Webcast

Technology Executives

Anticipating tomorrow’s complex issues and new strategies is a challenge. Reach new heights with Dbriefs—live webcasts that give you valuable insights on important developments affecting your business. Dbriefs offers live webcasts featuring practical knowledge from Deloitte specialists.

Dbriefs Webcast

The IT Organization of the Future: What Will It Take To Get There?

Archived Webcast

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From strategy to implementation, we deliver technology solutions that help drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline business operations. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help you achieve competitive advantage.