Integrate your apps with CloudMix

Many solutions, one cloud

There’s a cloud-based solution for almost every business need. But when you address a lot of different needs, you end up with a lot of different cloud solutions. Probably from different vendors. That can impede collaboration, wall off departments from one another, and frustrate the innovation all that technology was meant to support in the first place.CloudMix is the pre-configured, pre-integrated solution from Deloitte that ties together market-leading cloud applications for you. Your organization gets to use one coordinated cloud ecosystem built around leading practices.

Deloitte’s CloudMix features and capabilities include:

  • Pre-configured leading industry capabilities on cloud solutions such as, NetSuite, MuleSoft, Apttus, and others
  • Pre-packaged cloud integrations with MuleSoft across leading cloud applications providers
  • Cloud to on-premise integration with legacy ERP platforms
  • Industry tailored business processes and capabilities, including Tweet to Cash - TM
  • Agile implementation approach for a rapid deployment

You embraced the cloud to get things done, not to become a general contractor who spends time herding incompatible platforms. CloudMix can help tranform your business cloud into a seamless, customized experience.

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