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Life insurance and Wealth management

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At Deloitte, we are always looking for better ways of doing things to help you create operational efficiencies that add value to your business.

Wealth management and Life insurance

The life insurance industry faces challenges such as increased regulation, managing risk, accessing customers and distribution, and achieving operational and workforce efficiencies.

Being innovative and agile can help insurers overcome these challenges. At Deloitte, we are always looking for better ways of doing things to help you create operational efficiencies that add value to your business.

With an emphasis on quantitative modelling and strategic advice, we assist in:

  • Risk-based and regulatory capital
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuations
  • Unit pricing
  • Wealth management distribution, platform and customer insight strategies
  • Financial modelling and performance.

Thinking globally

Our close association with other parts of the firm, including our Risk Services, Insurance Accounting, and Strategy and Operations practices, enables us to develop solutions that can be integrated across life insurers and their broader financial services groups.

We think globally and bring our clients not just the best of us, but of all our global thought leadership and client experiences, so our clients can face their business challenges with confidence.


Talk to us about:

  • The impact of regulatory changes for insurance, such as LAGIC and IFRS, and help design and embed supporting operational processes
  • Designing and conducting risk-based capital modelling (eg economic capital, target capital) for risk assessments and performance measurement of business units and products
  • Designing and rebuilding of your end-to-end actuarial modelling systems to the standard of industry best practice
  • Reassessing your pricing and product strategy
  • Conducting M&A due diligence and appraisal valuations
  • Leveraging data to drive customer retention and acquisition, underwriting processes and acceptances, and claims management processes
  • Providing a balanced view of the broader commercial and economic issues affecting the financial services and life insurance industries.

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