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Economic activity attributable to crop protection products

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A Deloitte Access Economics report estimating crop protection products' contribution to both the national economy and agricultural output.

In its recent report, Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave, Deloitte identified agribusiness as one of five key sectors that had the potential to deliver a new wave of economic growth for Australia.

Crop protection products (CPPs) are critical to Australia’s agricultural output. With this in mind, CropLife, which represents the country’s plant science industry, asked Deloitte Access Economics to estimate CPPs’ contribution to both the national economy and agricultural output.


The report takes a two-fold approach:

  • Firstly, estimating the direct and indirect economic contribution of the CPP manufacturing sector to GDP and employment
  • Secondly, estimating the amount of Australian agricultural production attributable to CPP, in terms of the value of farm output attributable to CPP.

In summary:

  • The Australian CPP sector produced almost $2.5 billion in output in 2011-12, as measured at the factory gate
  • Its total economic contribution was $1.8 billion to value added and over 9,250 full time equivalent employees
  • The aggregate total value of Australian crop production attributable to CPP is estimated at up to $17.6 billion.

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