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A new and evolving consumer is here. Today's buyer is savvy, informed, equipped with the latest technology and has higher expectations than ever before. Organizations must adjust their business models to address the impacts of this new reality and the trends driving it. Are you ready?


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Learn more about the industry. With over 150 years of experience, Deloitte is one of the leading professional services firms in Canada.


Is the customer always right?

Innovation is becoming a key competitive battleground in nearly every sector. Consumers expect the next thing to be the next big thing—and when it isn’t, they don’t hide their disappointment.


2014 Holiday retail outlook

Download Deloitte’s 2014 Holiday retail outlook to better understand changing shopping patterns and what to expect from consumers this holiday season.


The consumer evolution: Are you adapting to new consumer behaviours?



Increase in tourism to Canada boosts exports

Deloitte’s analysis shows that an increase in international arrivals to Canada spurs exports in the subsequent year. Discover why.


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