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The era of the (Digital) Omnivore is upon us

There's a new class of digital consumer, and it's making its way to an enterprise near you. Call them Digital Omnivores: comfortable with consumer tech.


Digital Democracy Survey

Deloitte’s Digital Democracy survey offers a look into emerging multi-generational media consumption trends.


Corporate leaders can amplify the value of social to the business

Come together, right now

Listening services are almost old news. Not that social signals aren’t useful; they certainly are. But, the real value of social signals to a company depends upon its ability to gain, and act on insights ahead of the competition.

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Finding the value of social

Companies that figure out how to integrate social analytics into the decision-making processes across the enterprise first will be well ahead of the competition in removing unknowns and moving the needle on business performance. The value of social signals to a company depends upon its ability to gain, and act on, insights ahead of the competition. Social can have a direct impact on business performance metrics when the data scraped from blog posts, Twitter feeds and social media platforms is combined with other external and internal data sets.​ Read more in the Financial Times article on this topic.

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