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For all information on Deloitte Africa and the opportunities available within the regions, keep your eyes on this space for constant updates. Deloitte Africa will provide you with regional news, trends and career opportunities.

Deloitte - Africa Integration.


East Africa Mobility

Deloitte offers opportunities to take your career not only through growth in Africa but on a Global level too.  Mobility offers Deloitte employees the chance to see more and do more with support and guidance.


Getting your African market entry strategy right

Our Market Entry Solution identifies priority markets best suited to our clients' Africa strategy, delivering a blueprint for execution.


Where do you fit?

Deloitte offers a dynamic range of audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk, and financial advisory services to member firm clients. In addition, there are rewarding opportunities to work in a number of internal services, including: human resources, IT,financial support services, and more.


African M&A transactions commanding higher premiums

As valuation practitioners in Southern Africa we are often offered anecdotal evidence of developed market trade players offering to acquire African companies at high earnings multiples.

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Homecoming Revolution Conference 2015    

Feedback from our recruiters who attended the Homecoming Revolution in London on March 20 and 21st 2015.


Algorithm Africa

Algorithms are everyday patterns of success that govern, evaluate, sort, regulate, classify, influence and steer Africa for the greatest shared dividend. These patterns are built by listening; then identifying and simplifying complex problems in both the private and public sector. 


Core banking transformation in the African market

Core Banking Transformation is one of the riskiest and most challenging programs any bank will ever embark on. Deloitte has a proven track record, global core banking expertise, a sound methodology with supporting toolsets and we are willing to share the risk with our clients.


Africa telecoms: where next?

Preparing for the next wave in telecoms growth.