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Consumer Business

Today's harsh environment requires consumer businesses to understand and anticipate changing consumer needs and to respond rapidly with relevant products and solutions. To do that, they must address a myriad of questions – and Deloitte member firms are here to help.


Sustainability for consumer business companies

This report looks at what it will take for consumer businesses to place sustainability at the center of what they do and how they do it. 


The connected consumer evolves

Globalization, the economy, health & wellness, sustainability, and technology are as important today as ever for consumer goods companies. How have these trends evolved as the digital revolution has put power in the hands of consumers?


Retail Globalization

This report identifies six key aspects of globalization that can create roadblocks for retailers considering international expansion: Assessing risk, both the organization’s threshold for it and the risk from local competitors. 


Bold ideas that can improve your bottom line

Using 14 questions as a framework for analysis, this paper provides more insight into the pricing and profitability value chain for postal operators.


Deloitte at Retail Congress Africa 2015

Deloitte is a 3 Star Sponsor to Retail Congress Africa for the 3rd consecutive year. Retail Congress Africa is a 2-day premier C-level strategic retail conference specific to Pan-African markets, and will be held on 3-4 November 2015 at the Westin Hotel, in Cape Town.


Consumer Business

Driving success through sustainable solutions in the consumer business industry.


Retail, Wholesale and Distribution

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's member firms work with retailers to address industry challenges.


Consumer Products

Anticipating changing consumer needs and responding rapidly with relevant products and solutions


Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure

Deloitte professionals are able to get behind all these sectors  and provide in-depth global analysis and perspectives on industry trends



Innovation, transformation, and leadership in your market. Learn about Deloitte’s consulting services.


Deloitte Analytics

Learn how organizations like yours are leveraging analytics techniques, such as predictive modeling, help drive growth and plan for change.


The Asia Pacific Opportunity

POST-EXPO is the world's leading exhibition and conference for the postal, parcel and courier industries. With these industries showing such strong growth in Asia-Pacific, this expo will explore the challenges and opportunities for operators in the region.


Global Powers of Retailing 2014

The report identifies the world’s 250 largest retailers and analyzes their performance based on geography, product sector, and other factors. This year’s report focuses on the consumer revolution driven by converging technologies and, for the first time, looks at the world’s 50 largest e-retailers.


Regulatory Trends in the consumer goods industry

The most effective regulatory frameworks typically recognize the need to clearly understand who benefits and who feels the pinch from the regulation. The ability to quantify these costs and benefits is often an essential step in evaluating the net impact of the policy. 

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Continued revenue growth for top South African retailers

Five local retail operations dominate Africa/Middle East region on Deloitte global Top 250 retailers’ list

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SA Consumers Demand More from Retailers as They Curb Discretionary Spending

SA consumers cut back on non-essential items like furniture & clothing while demanding lower prices & better service levels from retailers as lacklustre economic growth forces them to curb discretionary spending.

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Brand loyalty is underpinned by great customer experience

How can businesses move away from customer brand loyalty, & embrace the concept of brands themselves becoming loyal to customers?

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Deloitte African Powers of Retailing report 2015 reflects the characteristics of the diverse informal and formal models among African retailers 

Deloitte African Powers of Retailing report 2015 reflects the characteristics of the diverse informal and formal models among African retailers.

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Retailers must embrace `The Big Shift’ to continue creating value for consumers

South African retailers need to adopt new strategies if they are to continue creating value for consumers in the age of the `Big Shift’.

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South Africa dominates Africa/Middle East Region in 2015 Deloitte Global Retailing Survey

South African retailers have led the Africa/Middle East region in the Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing survey for 2015, accounting for five of the region’s top seven retailers that qualified for inclusion in the professional services firm’s list of the world’s 250 largest retailers.

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Women and foreign visitors drive steady growth in luxury brands market - Deloitte

Despite anemic growth in the South African economy, the appetite among high-end consumers for luxury goods and products remains stable


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A Restoration in Hotel Loyalty

Is it possible to increase the effectiveness of loyalty programs?.


The food value chain

This report addresses stakeholders across the food value chain: producers, processors, retailers and distributors, consumers, and governments/NGOs/regulators.