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Deloitte’s financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking & securities, insurance, and investment management sectors. Deloitte member firms’ breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business needs.


Third Global IFRS Banking Survey 2013

This survey effects on banks includes responses from 70 global banking groups, including 19 of the global systemically important financial institutions. The survey has been conducted over a critical period in the development of IFRS 9 and seeks to provide our clients, standard setters and regulators


Future of Bank Treasury Management

This paper examines the current landscape in which the UK Treasury operates and focuses on the challenges it needs to overcome to achieve its post-2015 vision. The Treasury function has a critical role to play in shaping bank strategy as Treasury-linked challenges such as deleveraging balance sheet.


Driving Change

Recent seismic shifts in U.S. banking are spurring a growing number of banking leaders to rethink the issue of transformation of their legacy systems. For many, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the benefits for their banking peers abroad, particularly those in Australia, Canada and Europe 


2013 Hedge Fund Outlook

The hedge fund industry has some positive momentum as it heads into the New Year. But careful choices and deliberate action may be needed to help ensure continuing success. This report explores three strategies that will likely shape hedge fund industry priorities in the New Year and beyond.


Deloitte U.S. Center for Financial Services

The Center for Financial Services, part of the U.S. FSI group, is a source of  insights on the important issues in the financial services industry.


How Deloitte can help with Core Banking Transformation

Implementing a new core system is one of the most challenging initiatives a bank can undertake. It requires bold decisions and rigorous program implementation. But only through this transformation can banks achieve the necessary break-through to operate efficiently and compete effectively. 


How Deloitte can help with Securitization

The effectiveness of the Deloitte member firms is derived from the experience we bring, coupled with our research, study and devotion to the intricate business of securitization. 


Retail bank pricing

This point of view analyzes the results of a Deloitte customer survey on bank pricing. The report looks at customers” perceptions of banks and pricing preferences and suggests a segmentation approach.


Bank Specialization

Understand how banks are specializing, likely risks flowing from specialization, and the actions banks might take to mitigate these risks.

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Core banking transformation in the African market

Core Banking Transformation is one of the riskiest and most challenging programs any bank will ever embark on. Deloitte has a proven track record, global core banking expertise, a sound methodology with supporting toolsets and we are willing to share the risk with our clients.


Deloitte Analytics

Learn how organisations have applied analytics to better understand the present, and more accurately predict the future.


Elements for successful growth in financial services

This survey of 200 financial services executives from around the world revealed that after a turbulent and defensive period, financial services companies are starting to refocus on growth. Firms will need the right balance of elements: Getting fit, managing, controlling and staffing for growth.


Aligning risk and the pursuit of shareholder value

The financial services industry has undergone a transformative shift in recent years.  Today, financial institutions are facing increased pressure from both regulators and shareholders.  But, there are ongoing challenges in areas such as capital, costs, economic conditions, and risk management.