Dubai Virtual Working Program


The government of Dubai has launched a unique Virtual Working Program enabling eligible foreign professionals and business owners to work remotely from Dubai for up to one year. Applicants will be able to bring their eligible family members and access all services in Dubai, including schooling.  

Key eligibility requirements

The applicant must have:  

  • Proof of employment from current overseas employer with a one year contract validity or proof of ownership of company for at least one year;
  • An average monthly income of United States Dollar (USD) 5,000 per month;
  • Health insurance with valid United Arab Emirates (UAE) coverage.

The Dubai Virtual Working Program presents a unique opportunity for employers who are navigating unprecedented challenges to mobility of talent due to COVID-19 as well as a growth in the non-traditional workforce. However, the program also introduces a number of compliance risks, among them are that Virtual Working Program status holders will not be permitted to work for a local company.  Employers should consult with their immigration provider and relevant experts to strategize and assess potential risks. 

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