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Irshad Mahmood

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Irshad Mahmood is an Audit & Assurance Partner with over 25 years of professional experience specializing in leading the audits of large multinational groups across a broad range of industry sectors. These include, amongst others, the banking, insurance, capital markets, private equity and real estate funds, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics and energy sectors.

Irshad is also a leading subject matter expert on Islamic banking and finance. He has been a sounding board for regulators, audit committees, and boards of directors across the Middle East on issues relating to Islamic banking and finance.

Irshad currently leads the Assurance practice in Bahrain, with expertise in assisting clients with complex industry and financial reporting issues resulting from business combinations, joint operations, cross-border transactions, bond issuance and valuation of complex instruments.

In addition to his role as Assurance leader for Bahrain, he is also responsible for assisting the Audit teams and clients across the Middle East region with technical issues related to IFRS as well as Islamic finance.

Irshad is a Board Member of the Accounting Board of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institution (AAOIFI). He is also a member of the Technical Accounting and Interpretation Committee (TAIC) at the AAOIFI as well as the working groups set up by the AAOIFI, which are responsible for drafting various accounting standards. He is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Islamic Financial Accounting (JOIFA) issued by the AAOIFI. He was a member of the Independent Shari'a Audit Committee of the Waqf Fund - Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) which was responsible for drafting the Shari’a audit standards in Bahrain.

Irshad Mahmood