Implications of Covid-19 on Market Access and Pricing

The Covid-19 crisis has already had an impact on drugs’ Market Access & Pricing, including assessment delays and re-prioritization due to stay-at-home restrictions.

In the longer term, we foresee six areas of impact of Covid-19 on Market Access in the medium- to long-term:

Changes in priorities and funding :
  1. Drug budget re-allocation across Therapeutic Areas
  2. More focus and funding for prevention and care provision 
  3. Accelerated funding and adoption of digital solutions and virtual health

New rules of the game:
  1. New criteria for drug assessments
  2. More coordination between actors within countries & across countries 
  3. More regulation


Given these changing dynamics, it is critical for Market Access and Pricing leaders to anticipate these evolution, including:

  • Scan the portfolio to understand and plan for asset-specific implications
  • Refresh all payer engagement materials and messaging 
  • Re-think pricing and contracting strategy, including developing more innovative financing offers to anticipate budget pressure 
  • Design an adapted payer engagement plan, to prepare and adapt to more digital interactions
Implications of Covid-19 on Market Access & Pricing