Deloitte CE CFO 2015 Survey launched

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Deloitte CE CFO Survey shows how financial directors from Central Europe view the current and future economic situation. This is a unique point of view regarding evaluation not only of the general economic situation, but also of the respondents’ companies and the whole industry.

About the Deloitte CE CFO Survey

This regular, high quality questionnaire tracks the latest thinking and actions of CFOs representing largest and most influential companies in the region. It explores top-tier CFO issues across four areas:

  • Business environment,
  • Company priorities and expectations,
  • Finance priorities,
  • Personal priorities.

The survey targets public and private companies. At the opening of each survey period, CFOs receive an email containing a link to an online survey hosted by a third-party service provider. Participating CFOs receive a summary report after the survey closes.

Deloitte CE CFO survey is a “pulse survey” that provides CFOs with information regarding their peers’ thinking across a variety of topics. It is not, nor is it intended to be, scientific in its number of respondents, selection of respondents, or response rate —especially within individual industries.

Key findings of the previous edition (2014):

  • Despite signs of optimism, the majority of CFOs in Central Europe believed that the time has not yet come to take more risk on to company balance sheets.
  • Many CFOs planned to reduce gearing levels, associated with a corresponding expectation of higher financing costs.
  • While talent shortages were not of concern to most participating CFOs, there were opportunities for experienced financial professionals around the region.
  • The top priority for next year, shared by many CFOs in Central Europe, was simply to grow their revenues.


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