Consumer Business

What do we do

The continuous development of the knowledge and skills of our people is crucial. Only by continuing to invest in it, we can have the expectations of our clients continue to surpass and further build our position as' standard of excellence.

How do we do it

Today’s harsh environment requires consumer businesses to understand and anticipate changing consumer needs and to respond rapidly with relevant products and solutions. To do that, they must address a myriad of questions – exactly how are consumers’ needs changing? How to keep customers loyal and win new ones? How to adapt sourcing strategies for affordability, sustainability, and security of supply? 

Companies across all industries are struggling to adapt to rapidly changing landscapes and the impact on their share of market. Deloitte helps clients to adapt to these changes, helping to define what the future strategy should look like, not only to get ahead but also to stay ahead. Strategic planning is more art than science and it requires capabilities that individuals within a company are not used to use but our consulting teams do much more often.

The task is therefore to frame the way in which leaders interpret the future. There is not any one-size solution that works. Thus, this approach should be shaped by creating an outside-in, long-term perspective of the world, scenarios of possible futures. By introducing a number of scenarios it is easier for managers to test different strategies under different assumptions.

Starting with drivers of shareholder value, we are able to identify critical processes, procedures, performance indicators, and activities that would deliver a measurable picture of shareholder value.

We can manage for our clients the articulation and the implementation of corporate strategy down to their business units and departments.

Our team has deep industry expertise across key market and offers Operations advice in the following three service areas:

Operations Excellence – helping to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of large scale operational processes and continually improve the core operation of a service organization.

Supply Chain - helping to optimize the value chain by reviewing and improving processes whilst enabling organizations to maximize financial value and competitive advantage from their operations.

Operations Applications - supporting the delivery of complex business transformation programs that require the design and implementation of business applications and supporting processes.

Our work aims to create strategies which would catalyze internally generated growth. We have helped business units to perform market and technology assessments, develop scenarios to frame their planning processes, as well as develop appropriate metrics, redesign and budgeting processes and redesign their organizational structures.