TMT Products

Deloitte Albania & Kosova

Assistance in updating the financial reporting system in accordance with the regulatory framework issued by AKEP.

The  new regulatory framework issued by the Regulatory obliges all the mobile telecommunication to prepare financial statement in accordance with accounting separation and cost accounting comprising the following:   

a)Regulatory financial statements including a profit and loss statement, mean capital employed statement, reconciliation statements, analysis of unit costs and report on transfer charging. Statements   included shall have the required level of disaggregation to take full account of markets, segments and divisional structures.

b) Accounting documents including statements on accounting principles, asset revaluation methodologies, a cost model description and cost of capital methodologies.

c) Allocation methodology documentation, providing summary level information for public disclosure and full detail on cost allocation as performed by the cost model for disclosure to AKEP only.


Our company have the requisite expertise on the following

-          Assistance in establishing revenues, costs, assets and liabilities associated with each relevant service.

-          Assistance on establishing the rules and conditions under which costs associated with shared activities are distributed between services provided.

-          Assistance in preparation of financial statements in accordance with new regulation.

-          Assistance in modifications needed to be performed in the accounting system to generate the financial statements in accordance with the new regulation.

Assistance during physical inspection of fixed assets

We understand that physical inspection of property, plant and equipment in the telecommunication industry is a high risk and demanding process for the telecommunication companies. Our dedicated team have the requisite experience and dedication on performing

-          Physical inspection and counting of items compounding the property, plant and equipment balance;

-          Preparation of the property, plant and equipment register. The register will be prepared per each unit and/or side;

-          Identification of misstatements in the existing register of the property, plant and equipment