Digital Marketing: Starting from Scratch

Using StrategybyDesign to become a digitally mature enterprise exploiting the market gap. 

Managing digital disruption and applying it to marketing initiatives has the tendency to be a custom and somewhat tedious experience. Reason being that different enterprises are at different stages of digital maturity and approaches tend to be different at any given case. In this article, we will focus on those enterprises that are at the very beginning of their digital journey, especially in the marketing and sales approach.

With the changing of lifestyle concepts and technology information overload, it is becoming harder and more expensive for organizations to reach, attract and convert the same customers. Integrating the later with digital marketing initiatives carried from competition adds an extra spice to the complexity levels.

Being able to convert a visitor to a customer require you to attract two main components from them: Time & Attention. These are today’s customer commodities. In order for today’s enterprises to reach that and ideally convert into sales there are a couple of simple processes to be taken into account.

First and foremost – it’s not related to you doing or not doing digital marketing – its about doing it right. Follow this article for a more detailed insight about doing digital marketing right.

Second – it’s not all about technological and innovative advancements – it is about properly sculpting this innovative approach in the current business models so it makes sense.

Third – it is not about you rushing to market your brand or products digitally – it is about committing to it. Digital marketing reaches a considerable amount of people, whom given the nature of this digital world want to communicate making it a two way conversation rather than the traditional one way. Why do it if you can not handle the questions?

Last but not least, we at Deloitte, utilize our own StrategybyDesign approach to digital marketing to prototype, develop and deploy a fully functional Digital Marketing approach to organizations in different levels of digital maturity.

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