Winning digital marketing and sales digitalization

Winning digital marketing and sales digitalization

Pulling of digital sales requires not only e-commerce but first the strategy followed by waterfall KPI’s, human resources and more. Doing it right is the keyword on exploiting digital marketing cost-effectiveness against traditional marketing channels.

Lack there of

During electricity inclusion in industry, organization’ plant layouts were constructed around the steam engine, even though they no longer needed the old engine’s. History repeats. Today we see a considerable amount of traditional marketing done digitally. Whilst in the previous years of digital marketing limited usage this approach was correct, today’s digital scene is flooded with such approaches. We all know what happens when you flood the market with a specific request…
With the advancements in digital marketing and technology, increased usage of virtual points of sale, theoretically, it would be easy to reach users and convert them into customers. Practically this turns out to be hard. Just promoting on Social Media is not achieving the right conversions.

What can be done?

We have helped our clients specify their business needs, commit to a digital marketing strategy and utilize tactics correctly based on today’s pan-Albanian trends. 

Facebook Era

As a general non-proven rule, the Albanian internet consumers are savvy social media users. By savvy we mean obsessed. Companies utilize this to the maximum. This concept of Facebook Marketing (or in professional terms Social Marketing) is considered a low cost approach with huge high return. The average cost per click for campaigns has jumped 5 times in the last two years (2015/2017) due to the immense amount of media that is consumed through Facebook or Instagram. Digital is so much more than the standard tactic of promoting stories on Facebook. This is usually used as the only way to gain visibility, but it is getting more expensive to just promote these stories.

What can be done?

Just as a great investor would say – the more diverse your portfolio is, the lower the risk. Same concept applies in Digital marketing – diversify your campaigns!

Digitalize your brick and mortar campaigns!

Let’s say that you are in Consumer Business industry and you already have invested into a digital solution to have online sales functional. You are promoting everything through Facebook because let’s be realistic, you think Google AdWords is too expensive but sales are not necessarily rolling in. So, you are getting sick and tired of all this digital nonsense so you decide to get back and focus your energies on your good ol’ brick and mortar store.

What can be done?

Integrate, integrate, and integrate! Your marketing strategy should pull off an effective in-store marketing campaign as well. It requires combined skills though, in brick-and-mortar promotions, analytics, mobile, location technology and classic marketing. 

Is it too much?

Send us a message, let’s talk! Our dedicated digital practitioners work with you to bring digital strategy to life, helping you meet the realities of today and tomorrow.

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