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Albania in a snapshot is an economic insight that presents an overview of Albania, in terms of country’s perspectives for development in comparison with Western Balkan region.

What does Albania have to offer? What are the key performance indicators based on the latest economic reports? How do they change in short-term and long-term projections? How is the market developing? Next new opportunities…

Deloitte aims to provide a general understanding on opportunities and risks of the current economy in order to support local and international companies in pursuit of their key objectives.

Economic Insights | GDP trends

As per EIU, preliminary GDP growth in 2017 is at 4.0%, surpassing forecasted GDP growth of 3.5% as a result of election-related additional government spending and strong import demand from the booming euro zone economies.

In 2016, actual GDP growth registered 2.5%, higher compared to forecast data for the same period of 3.3%.

GDP growth is expected to remain steady in 2018, before slowing to an average of 3.6% per year in 2019-22 due to the Industrial Output decline and the growth in import demand in Albania's main euro zone
markets moderates.

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