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The power of independence

Debt & Capital Advisory

A sound debt and capital strategy requires close alignment with business needs – as well as reliable objectivity.

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We provide independent advice to assist our client in matching the needs of financing to an optimum funding structure.

Deloitte has designed specific services assisting on:

Assisting in raising new debt, presentations and negotiation to potential lenders. We provide advice in: Strategic acquisitions which may involve new debt or equity providers and greater complexity; Obtain additional capital due to change in strategic objectives; Working with Private Equity Sponsors and other sources of potential equity capital; Working with government and corporate clients on project modeling, capital structuring options and sourcing of capital; Identifying and negotiating alternative sources of funding and raising capital.  Having a basic debt package to maximize sale proceeds on disposal; Developing and recommending optimal capital structure and identifying balance sheet funding efficiencies.

Debt restructuring or renegotiating for existing stressed debt structures (i.e overleveraged): transfer existing debt to a different lender group or alternative class of investment; consider infusions of minority equity; facility extensions and amendments; debt buy backs. We provide advice on cases of: actual or potential breach of covenants; experiencing a performance downturn creating short term liquidity pressure, leading to a requirement for temporary or additional working capital; experiencing a credit ratings downgrade; 

Developing refinancing strategies and negotiation with lenders to renew debt. The scenarios in which our FAS professionals would advise include: Maturing debt facilities which need refinancing; Rapid growth and expansion – current lenders outgrown or fully drawn funding base may benefit from being widened; Considering accessing new debt or equity markets, including senior debt, mezzanine debt, high yield and private equity; Reviewing asset based finance to release value from balance sheet – receivables inventory or property; Analyzing off balance sheet capital – joint venture funding or equity investment; Assessing multiple proposals from debt or equity providers;