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Valuation for the whole business

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Valuations are important for many business areas, from transactions and financing to litigation, strategic management, and compliance. But they don’t exist in a vacuum. To be truly useful, valuation should reflect the latest accounting, tax, and regulatory codes.

Deloitte valuation professionals help clients solve complex business and transaction issues, including analyzing alternatives. Providing well-reasoned valuations and advice is only part of the offering. Just as important, Deloitte professionals understand how to develop valuation estimates in concert with prevailing accounting, tax, and regulatory codes. 

How can we help

We provide well-reasoned valuations and advice. 

Our valuation practitioners assist clients in solving complex business and transaction issues, including analyzing alternatives and recommending solutions.

Valuation is a central theme that overlays and intersects with many other business issues.  Whether a company is in distress, growing rapidly, or trying to figure out where to make investments, a well-reasoned valuation can help management identify an manage complex business and transaction issues, analyze alternatives, and provide and execute solutions.

Advisor approach

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, senior executives need trusted and objective advisors who are focused on key issues.  Balancing stakeholder demands for growth and value accretion with risk can be a challenge for even the most experienced executive teams.  Our professionals can address a wide variety of strategic and transaction opportunities across the region.